About Us

MoonDance Soaps is a family-owned business located in Wake County, North Carolina, just northwest of Raleigh. We manufacture quality soap products made the old-fashioned way: batch saponification of vegetable oils combined with essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, spices, goat milk & honey for truly lovely hand and body soaps. Each bar is hand-cut and then cured for at least three weeks before it is packaged and ready for sale. No animal testing is conducted (except, of course, on my very willing family members and friends!)

At MoonDance Soaps & More we consider the creation of our products to be a synthesis of art and science. A merging of new and old wisdom. A combination of sensuality and practicality.

Our mission is not only to produce quality products but also to develop and implement meaningful ways of doing business.

Contact Us

Please contact us at info@moondancesoaps.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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