Luffa Sponge (home-grown by owners)!

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Trying to get rid of plastic? Get nature’s best exfoliating beauty secret!  Our home-grown luffa sponges are great in the shower or at the kitchen sink. You will be truly amazed at the soft scrubbing power of these natural beauties for your skin or delicate dishes. These sponges last 4-6 months and we suggest allowing for dry time in between uses. 


Co-Owners, Mark and Samantha are excited to share their home-grown luffa sponges with you! Each sponge was grown in their back yard, along with a myriad of other types of medicinal perennials and pollinator plants. Their garden is wild and their approach the same! No chemicals, no forced attention or care. They let nature lead the way and use gentle caretaking to help their plants establish strong roots & grow! 

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