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Confetti bars

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These might not be quite as pretty as our premium wrapped bar soaps, but if you’re looking for a bargain, natural soap, this is the clear winner. Each wrapped soap costs 50 cents to wrap….we save, so you save!  This zero-waste bar comes from odds and ends of the soap batches and gets melted down and cut into 4oz bars.  If you aren’t too picky about scents or you love all of our scents, try this one.

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Gail S.
Confetti surprise

I am a long time customer . I have used many of the soaps available but prefer the “surprise” of the results of the confetti bars.
Customer service is the best.
If one is cosidering gift giving, a confetti bar is a good choice to start with as it always makes the recpient curious for more, and to “explore” other options you have.

Devils After Dark with Duke University

MoonDance was so accommodating with our large order and had it filled quickly! The students loved the soaps and we ran out of over 115 bars in under an hour. We love working with them.


My favorite soap!!

Christa Edwards
Confetti Bars

I love all the handmade bar soaps from MoonDance, they are amazing!...but I think these confetti bars are my favorite go to bar for our family and gift giving. Thank you for the wonderful products and customer service. Taking the extra time for the little handwritten thank you note always included on the invoice is sweet, and reinforces each bar sent out is done so with love and care.

Charlotte Walton
Beach shower soap

I’m at the beach and I left my bar of confetti soap in the outdoor shower. My friends keeping come up after their showers asking “Whose soap is that in the shower? It’s the best!” And I keep saying, “IT’S MOONDANCE SOAP, PEOPLE! I’ll get you some after we get home.”

And that’s just the confetti soap. They’re gonna flip their lids when they try the lavender milk & honey bar.