About Us

The start of Covid-19 resulted in small business shut-downs everywhere.  Jess & Sam were experiencing their own small business slow downs at Dog Tales when Rachel approached them about buying her soap company.  Having a deep belief that micro businesses are the backbone of local economy and great workplaces, they were eager to learn the craft. Jess & Sam knew that with the right teacher, enough time, and continued support from the original employees, they could carry on the tradition of craft manufacturing and take on the next small business. 

After an internship and new skill development, they’re doing it…making soap, lotions and potions the way it has been done forever—using real ingredients that are simple and good for your skin and safe for our water. We are committed to making awesome products with natural ingredients and doing business in a way brings us joy and pride. We’re also committed to maintaining the craft of cold-processed soap making and providing small bath goods to our customers through local sales, Amazon and wholesale avenues. 

If you like handmade products, with ingredients you can pronounce, made by people who will pick up the phone if you have a question, we’re your soap, lotion and potion maker!  Our small crew of makers and shakers would love to answer your questions. Oh, and that Ford truck in the photo, that’s an original family vehicle too, just rebuilt by Jess’s dad.  We like to think it represents our restoration of a classic company we already loved.

Our mission is to create quality products, at a fair price, that allows us to sustain our business practices, we pay our employees, serve our customers, buy from our community, and take care of our environment.

We take pride in:

  • Manufacturing quality, cold-processed soaps in small batches

  • Buying high quality ingredients

  • Producing very little waste

  • Establishing and building relationships with our customers

  • Being a local resource for quality products in North Carolina

  • Being a small, owner operated business

  • NEVER testing on animals