Bugs at Bay with GERANIOL

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Bugs at Bay™️ is here to help you naturally repel mosquitoes!! Our formulary is registered with the NC Dept of Agriculture and in compliance with the EPA. We think you are going to love Bugs at Bay and our recipe, starring one terpene and 7 essential oils, smells oh-so delicious. Our super power, Geraniol, a farm favorite, acts as a bug deterrent and helps protect you from bites without the DEET! 

Bugs at Bay is all-natural so you will need to shake before spraying and apply frequently.  Seriously, spray this stuff everywhere; it’s good for your skin and safe around eyes, nose, and small spaces.  Your kids and pets will also appreciate the non-toxic nature of this spray.

The formulary contains distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, wheat germ oil, geraniol, essential oils of: lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, spearmint and geranium. You will smell notes of fresh geranium when you first spray.

We chose our carrier oil, wheat germ, carefully. It is high in vitamin E and good for typical skin use.

The packaging is a 4oz recyclable PET plastic that’s easy travel and leak-proof. We don’t love using plastic, but oils and paper don’t mix and our old glass bottles frequently leaked around the spray nozzle during temperature changes. Bug spray needs to be travel-ready! 

Active Ingredients: 2.2% geraniol; 2.2% lemongrass oil; .5% citronella oil; .5% rosemary oil; .3% cedarwood oil; .3% peppermint oil; .3% geranium oil; .3% spearmint oil

Inert Ingredients (93.4%): distilled water; isopropyl alcohol; wheat germ oil

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Baron
This Stuff WORKS

Bugs love me. My husband's always pushing products with DEET on me and I'm always refusing. When I saw Bugs at Bay offered by Moondance, I immediately took advantage of it. We have a small farm and I keep one bottle down in the feed room. Our goats aren't put off by the smell and I don't have to worry about not only spraying myself but spraying myself in front of them. In the past 2 days, we've had workmen from 2 different companies come through the barn, one set to install an exhaust fan and one set to fix fencing. These were big burly guys and they all said, "What's that's great smell in here?" !! I have not been bit or annoyed by any bugaboos since I've started using this. I'm a believer in this product!!

Gail Stanley
Bugs beware

The best bug repellent I’ve ever used. Works every time. Would recommend above any on commercial market. Scent not over whelming.

Pamela Beard

Great product!

Kim Patterson
Bugs at Bay Works Great!

I order this product every summer to combat mosquitos. It works great!

BugsAtBay Works Well for Me and My Dog

This is the second time I've ordered this because it works well to repel flying insects. I spray it on my arms, neck, and ankles, and spritz it on my dog's back to repel insects when we go to the park, walk, or out in the yard. Wasps stay clear with this stuff too. I haven't tried it in wooded areas where there are ticks though. Another plus is that this spray is non-toxic so this is better for my dog than harmful chemicals on the market.

I'd definitely recommend BugsAtBay and will order it again...thanks MoonDance!